About Us

About Us

Who are we?

We are two middle aged mums who have lived in the Daylesford district for over 30 years each. Our children attended school in Daylesford, we have shopped and done business in Daylesford and had the occasional coffee break.

But..it wasn’t until recent times, with our children grown and off making their own lives, that we finally had time to sit back, relax and see “almost for the first time” what a beautiful region we live in….And the jewel in the crown of that beautiful region is Daylesford!

We find ourselves exploring the area and discovering new and wonderful things to see and do quite often these days.

We delight in trying delicious cuisine at the many excellent dining venues, look forward to a good coffee or a relaxing pot of tea and wonder and marvel over the views, history and ambiance of this amazing town and it’s surrounds. And of course, we love browsing the upmarket boutiques and quirky, quaint shops!

It was over one of the forementioned meals and coffee that the idea for Daylesford Delights was born. We are so enthusiastic about the Daylesford region that we want to share it with you.

We hope Daylesford Delights will be a useful reference for all your tourism and local services enquiries in the Daylesford and Hepburn region.

But more than that, we hope you will enjoy “our view” of Daylesford and will be compelled to explore and enjoy one of the most beautiful, relaxing regions in the world for yourself.

Wishing you an enjoyable visit to Daylesford and the local area.

From Julie and Tina

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