Central Springs Reserve is a Special Picnic Area

Central Springs Reserve is a Special Picnic Area

The beautiful Central Springs Reserve is only a few steps away from Lake Daylesford near the spilllway end, if you have walked on the ‘Peace Mile’ track you may have already seen it or walked past without realising it is there.

The ‘Springs’ Reserve has a very interesting history, it was built about the same time as Lake Daylesford as a picnic area incorporating the mineral springs as they were hugely popular and still are.

A few years later there was a swimming pool in front of the old changerooms and a diving tower on the opposite side, boats cruising around Lake Daylesford and plenty of fishing happening including fishing competitions.

Both areas worked great together so all locals and visitors had a wonderful time.

The old swimming pool in Lake Daylesford near the ‘Springs’ Reserve

The old change rooms and steps are still there, the pool has been removed but the old steps into the pool area remain and the old bridge has been replaced.

From Lake Daylesford near the spillway and the ‘Information board’ you can walk down the hill into the Reserve which is a beautiful picnic area and has several walking trails to explore.

Keep walking and you are there, it is a very unique place to visit.

Central Springs Reserve can also be accessed via Fulcher Street by walking or vehicle, there is a large carpark on the right, then you can walk on the track above and go down quite a few steps to get down the hill.

If you prefer not to go down any steps, stay on the bitumen road which leads you to the edge of Lake Daylesford then you can walk down the paths as shown above.

A great view looking down on the mineral springs.

Looking towards Lake Daylesford you can see the cascade of water, the bridge, the creek and the old bandstand which is in rough condition inside. It was also a kiosk many years ago.

A closeup of the old bridge and the water cascades from Lake Daylesford.

Another view of the stunning area.

If you are interested in going for a walk you can continue along the path next to the creek which takes you through the bush, which is very relaxing.

To get to the Sutton Springs go left at the fork in the track, which is well signposted. Then you will find the Sutton mineral springs.

Pretty spot isn’t it, very easy to sit down and appreciate the surroundings in the Springs Reserve. You can walk back the same way to or go over the bridge and walk back on the other side of the creek.

If you are wanting more adventure you can continue walking towards ‘Twin Bridges’ on the other side of the Midland Highway, which continues on to the Tipperary Springs.

For more information about the local walking trails.

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