Hepburn Springs Villas, Apartments and Studios

Hepburn Springs Villas, Apartments and Studios

The Hepburn Springs Villas, Apartments and studios are all luxurious and waiting for you to stay, they are all the perfect for a night stay, weekend getaway or if you are very lucky a week or more would be the extreme indulgent experience.

Hepburn Springs is only 3 kilometres from Daylesford so you can experience both easily, staying at Hepburn Springs you will surrounded by stunning bush views.

Cafes and shops are nearby and the Hepburn Mineral Springs Reserve which is home to the Hepburn Bathhouse and Pavilion Cafe which is only a short walk away.

The list of accommodations are below, they include the maximum number of guests, a brief description of each so you can quickly scan them and choose any that may interest you. 

Enjoy your stay in the Hepburn Springs or Daylesford area, you are in for a unique and delightful experience as there is many attractions to see and things to do.

Accommodation Bookings

Contact these businesses for accommodation bookings

Daylesford Cottage Directory  www.cottagedirectory.com.au
Daylesford Getaways  www.dayget.com.au
Daylesford Accommodation Escapes  www.dabs.com.au

List of Hepburn Springs Villas, Apartments and Studios

Zen Pavilion
1-4 guests, villa, modern and tranquil, views of bushland from indoors, deck, fire. 

Chilli Vanilli
1-4 guests, villa, spa in the conservatory, theatre system, huge deck, walk to shops.

Elm Studio 
1-2 guests, villa, cosy, beautiful decor, spa, close to cafes, short walk to bathhouse.

Hepburn Villas
1-16 guests, 1, 2 or 3 bedroom villas, 2 acres, great view of kangaroos in the bush.

Oak Studio
1-2 guests, studio, refurbished 1930s studio, gas log fire, spa, close to cafe. 

Kudos Diversion 
1-4 guests, villa, sophisticated and luxurious, leather love seat, wood fireplace.

1-2 guests, oriental decor, near restaurants & bathhouse, garden and  bush views.

Kudos Water 
1-2 guests, villa, no expense spared, huge spa, balcony with barbecue, great views.

Spring Creek on 7th
1-2 guests, apartment, rustic facade, stylish and modern inside, overlooks the bush.

Birch Studio
1-2 guests, studio, modern and beautiful, private courtyard for relaxing, near shops.

Elm Studio 
1-2 guests, studio, luxurious decor, cosy and relaxing, spa, bbq, outdoor garden area.

Midnight at Hepburn
1-2 guests, luxurious, love seat, gas log fire, bush views, massage spa, private bar.

Kudos Fire and Kudos Earth 
1-2 guests in each villa, open plan luxury, fireplace, spa, indulgent experience.

Springs Spa Villa
1-4 guests, luxurious, views over Doctors Gully, split level deck, private with spas.

Kudos Nature
1-2 guests, romantic and intimate, luxurious, love seat, 50″ TV, open wood


Elevated Plains Retreat 2
1-2 guests, adults only, luxurious and secluded, deck with bush views, wood fire. 

Hepburn Spa Pavilion Horizon
1-4 guests, eco-friendly design, close to shops, wood fire, views over the tree tops.


Swiss Mt Villa 5
1-2 guests, private courtyard, large spa, views of the bush, short walk to shops.

Villa Parma at Peppers Springs Retreat
1-8 guests, historic building, contemporary, stunning decor, private courtyard, bbq.

Arcturus Star
1-4 guests, modern villa, private with bush views, walk to local cafe’s and bathhouse.

Zen Pavilion
1-4 guests, luxurious and modern, large deck, bush views, large TV, spa, wood fire.

1-4 guests, 2 storey, luxurious and relaxing, bush views from inside and the deck.

Daruma Ryokan

1-4 guests, Japanese inspired, deck with bush views, walk to golf course and shops.

Blue Cliffs Retreat – Elevated Plains near Hepburn Springs
2 to 6 guests, B&B;, various villas, 5 min. to shops, 25 acres, peaceful and relaxing.

Saltus 1,2 & 3
2 to 4 guests, modern and stylish, large TV, great views of bush, walk to cafe’s.

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