Stunning Historic Buildings

Stunning Historic Buildings

In Daylesford and Hepburn Springs

Daylesford and Hepburn Springs have many historic buildings, most of them date back to when the goldfields made some people very rich in the mid 1800s.

Most buildings are of various European architectural styles which was influenced by the architect and the owner’s heritage as many immigrants settled in the area in those early years.

There are probably several hundred older buildings in the area, these below are a sample of those. When you are driving or walking around you will notice a huge variety from the small sheds and outbuildings to the stunning luxurious homes and accommodation places.

Daylesford Historic Buildings

Royal Hotel

The Royal Hotel was built in the 1850s in the ‘Victorian’ style.

It is very grand, charming and kept original as possible. Accommodation, meals and much more are available.

Post Office

The Daylesford Post Office is a very grand building built in the 1870s, the clock tower is it’s outstanding feature.

The first post office was further along Vincent Street on the corner of Stanbridge Street.

daylesford victoria post office building

Boathouse Restaurant

The ‘Boathouse’ was of course the original boathouse used to house boats used on Lake Daylesford. The original boathouse was built sometime before the 1950s and has more recently been renovated to be a Cafe with a stunning view.

Unfortunately the original ‘Boathouse Cafe’ was burnt down in December 2012 it has been replaced with a new  ‘Boathouse Restaurant’.

daylesford victoria lake daylesford boathouse cafe

Frangos & Frangos

The ‘Frangos & Frangos’ building was originally used by three separate businesses, a hotel on the corner, bank and mining offices.

Then it all was combined to be the ‘Belvedere Hotel’ until the new owners purchased it in the mid 1970s and created an award winning establishment.

daylesford victoria frangos and frangos restaurant hotel

Primary School

The Daylesford Primary School historic building was built in the 1870s after the gold rush.

daylesford victoria primary school

Convent Gallery

The Convent Gallery has an interesting history it was originally built as a grand private residence, then it was sold to the Catholic Church to be used as a convent.

The present owner Tina Banitska purchased the property in the late 1980s and has created a stunning art gallery, the building and the gardens are also superb to explore and admire.

daylesford victoria convent gallery

Town Hall

The very majestic Daylesford Town Hall was built in 1880s, it is beautiful and ornate inside and the hall gets used regularly for a variety of occasions and ceremonies. It is also used for the Shire of Hepburn offices and as a meeting place for the Senior Citizens.

daylesford victoria town hall vincent st

Hepburn Springs Historic Buildings

Bellinzona Grange

Bellinzona Grange Country Retreat is ‘Edwardian’ style and was built in the early 1900s at the height of the ‘mineral springs’ boom and was used as a guest house for the hundreds of visitors to the area.

Today it is a luxurious retreat with accommodation, conference, reception facilities for relaxation and business.

daylesford victoria bellinzona grange guesthouse accommodation

Macaroni Factory

The ‘Macaroni Factory’ is the original macaroni factory in Australia and was built in the 1850s by the Lucini’s.

Today the Great-grand daughter, Maria proudly serves traditional meals and does guided tours.

daylesford victoria macaroni factory

Pavilion Cafe

The ‘Pavilion’ building in the Mineral Springs Reserve was built in the Edwardian style in the early 1900s. It was originally used for socialising as the bathhouse and mineral springs were nearby.

Recently it has been repaired where necessary and and has reopened as a Cafe and seats over 100 people.

hepburn springs daylesford victoria pavilion cafe mineral springs reserve

The Savoia Hotel

The Savoia Hotel was establised in the mid 1800s, it has a very Italian history as it was named after an Italian royal family, it housed a library of italian books and it was a very popular meeting place.

Now days the Savoia Hotel serves meals, refreshments and has a welcoming wood fire for the very cold wintry days.

hepburn springs daylesford victoria savoia hotel

Map of the above Buildings In Daylesford & Hepburn Springs

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