Lake Daylesford Will Be A Highlight of Your Visit

Lake Daylesford Will Be A Highlight of Your Visit

In the 1890s the idea of creating a lake close to Daylesford and near the mineral springs was planned several times, but the Lake Daylesford didn’t actually get built until 1929 and was officially opened in 1930 with a lot of fanfare and excitement.

Lake Daylesford has become a main attraction for all visitors and regularly used by locals. It is a haven for the local bird life, a place for everyone of all ages to relax, enjoy a picnic, take a scenic walk and enjoy the glorious views it provides.

lake daylesford view

A stunning view from the car park area across the lake.

wombat flat mineral spring lake daylesford

The Wombat Flat Mineral Spring is at the Vincent Street end of the lake, there is a short drive in with a car park and it is a very nice picnic area with plenty of views.

lake daylesford view from jetty

Even on a cloudy day it is easy to appreciate the beauty, the colours, reflections and the peacefulness of the lake.

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boathouse cafe lake daylesford

The Boathouse Cafe was sadly burnt down in December 2012. Read more about it here at the Boathouse Cafe page.

The ‘Boathouse Cafe’ has been rebuilt and open for business.

Please note the ‘Boathouse cafe’ has changed its name to the ‘Boathouse Restaurant’.

lake daylesford ducks at picnic area

There is plenty of friendly bird life especially around the car park and picnic areas.

lake daylesford view with accommodation nearby

This photo was taken from near the Wombat Flat Mineral Spring, there are many accommodation places surrounding the lake that have amazing views.

bookbarn shop lake daylesford

The Bookbarn is next to the main car park in Leggatt Street, they have second hand books, coffee and cake and it is a very pleasant place for a break.

lake daylesford picnic area barbecues

This is one of the many great places to have a picnic and a barbecue and it is conveniently next to the main car park.

lake daylesford foot bridge in the distance

Beautiful view from the car park area across to the footbridge which is part of the ‘Peace Mile’ walking track.

peace mile and mineral springs sign at lake daylesford

The ‘Peace Mile’ walking track goes all the way around the lake, this view is looking towards the spillway and Central Springs Reserve. There are several mineral springs in the Central Springs Reserve as shown on the sign.

historic changerooms lake and spillway daylesford

This image shows the spillway and the foot bridge above it, also the historic changerooms and stone steps. There used to be a swimming pool in front of the changerooms and a diving tower on the other side of the lake years ago that were very popular in the warmer weather.

lake daylesford spillway and footbridge

Looking along the spillway with the changerooms on the right. The Boathouse Restaurant appears to be in the centre of the Lake, it is partially hidden by a large tree.

To find the Central Springs Reserve follow the cascading water down the hill and you will be there, look around and discover another picnic area and mineral springs.

You will also find a very historic building and other structures as this area was very popular many years ago. Imagine yourself having a picnic, going swimming in the lake, a band playing in the bandstand and people dancing day and night.

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